Wednesday Evening Jackpot

I started fishing and hunting when I was only 5 years old. I killed my 1st deer when I was 7 which was a 120 lb field dressed doe and it wasn't until I was12 when I got the chance to kill my 1st buck that was a 11pt scoring 120 BC. I started fishing club and Open tournaments in 1987 out of a Jon boat, then in 89 I got my first Bass boat and was hooked on competion ever since. To this date I've Killed my 3 biggest bucks of my life a 150 2/8 bc in 2009 and 161 5/8 bc  2018 and a 160" bc. The crazy thing is they were killed within 15' of each other at the same feeder.

I've been lucky enough to catch a record fish here and there. Had the Crappie Record on Lake Leon, The Catch and release record White Bass on Lake Brownwood and the Lake Record Smallmouth on Lake O.H. Ivie

My wife and I have fish numerous couple's fishing tournaments. We have finished in the top 5 every year, we have been Anglers of the Year 3 times and runner up 3 times. At the Championships we have finished in the top 10 twice out of the 3 that we were able to fish.

I have fished 2 different Bass Clubs from 1989 to present I have only finished beyond the top 10 in either club twice and have been Angler of the Year 16 times and runner up 3 times. I have won the annual Open tournament a record 4 time and have been in the money over 20 times.

In the Weekly Jackpot Series I have been Angler of the Year 10 out of 15 seasons and have won the Championship a Record 8 times

I have fished a few Team Tournament circuits, Still Waters ( Runner up Anglers Of The Year), OTM ( 2nd Runner up Anglers Of The Year), and Bass Champs where we have finished in the Top 50 6 out of 8 years